Sealed bids will be accepted by the Village of Tekonsha for the following work. Bidders must provide a copy of insurance and fill out any necessary paperwork before work can begin.  Bids to be opened on May 13th at the Village Council meeting held @ 7:00p.m.  Job must be completed within 30 days of start date unless prior arrangements are made. Any questions please call Gary (517-317-3252) or Andy (517-617-0241) between the hours of 8:00 – 4:00 weekdays.

Trees to be Removed-

Trees to be removed will be marked with Green dot facing roadway.

  1. Maple (No Number) located at 129 N Waldo.  Tree located on NW corner of lot on Canal Street
  2. Willow #438 located on South dead end of 119Murry Street on West side of street
  3. Maple #689 located at 506 W North Street Waldo and North Street West end of lot
  4. Maple #547 located at 315 W Allen on Allen Street just East of house
  5. Maple #291 located at 133 W Allen Corner of Allen and Church
  6. Maple #22 located at 502 W Jackson tree on corner of Jackson and Waldo

Bids must include cutting down and removal of brush, grinding the stumps and exposed roots to 6″ below grade. A price for the entire job and price on a per tree basis. The Village of Tekonsha reserves the right to subtract trees from the list to satisfy budget constraints. . Wood from the main portion of tree is to be left for the homeowner. The Village provides a place to dump chippings.

Send bids to:

Village of Tekonsha
PO Box 301
Tekonsha, MI 49092

Include “Tree Removal Bid” on the envelope.